What is the tenant responsible for and what happens if it is an emergency?

Your tenant is required to report any items that are in need of repair in writing to our office. On receipt of the request we will always contact you to discuss the repairs and make a decision on how to proceed. As a landlord you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the property and required to attend to maintenance in a timely manner. If for any reason the tenant and or property representative are unable to contact you and the matter is urgent we will authorise the repairs on your behalf but only once we have exhausted every means of contacting you.

What is considered an emergency?

Anything relating to the safety, damage and security of the home and tenant. In particular matters relating to plumbing and electrical faults.

Where there is major damage from such events as storm, flood or fire including after hours emergencies tenants should contact the State Emergency Service on 132 500 for immediate assistance.

How are the repairs paid?

The tradesperson will invoice our office and we will pay the account out of the proceeds of the rent. If it there are inadequate funds to pay the account we will request a contribution from you into our trust account.

What if the repairs are because of the neglect or fault of the tenant? Who pays?

If the tenant is responsible for the damage to the property either intentionally or through carelessness they will be responsible for all the costs associated with the repairs and will be invoiced accordingly. The cost of the repairs will be paid from the proceeds of the rent and the owner reimbursed.

What happens if an appliance breaks down? E.g. Air conditioner

All appliances are required to be in good working order. If for any reason an appliance breaks down it is required to be repaired or replaced. This needs to occur in a timely manner. If after an extended period of time there has been no attempt to repair or replace the appliance the tenant has the right to apply to the tribunal.

For more information on the dangers of not attending to repairs and maintenance please contact your Property Representative.