Why are these inspections conducted every 12 weeks?

At M.E. Property we use the latest technology to conduct our routine inspection reports. These reports are conducted approximately every 12 weeks to ensure the tenant is taking care of the property and to monitor the condition of the property and capture any maintenance that may need to be attended to.

The tenant is provided with a check list of what we will be paying attention to at the inspection along with a maintenance request form.

A written report including photos is provided to you on the completion of the inspection.

Your property representative will contact you following the inspection and prior to forwarding the report to keep you informed of the progress of the tenancy. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and make educated decisions.

If we have concerns about the tenants being in breach of their tenancy agreement we have the right to ask them to remedy the problem and return to reinspect the property in 7 days. If on reinspection we are still not satisfied we have the right to apply for a tribunal hearing.

If necessary we also have the right to inspect the property every 28 days.