What is a Property Condition Report and when and why is it completed?

A property condition report is a comprehensive report conducted prior to the successful tenant moving into their new home.

This report consists of approximately 350 – 500 photographs depending on the size of the property. The report also includes comments to compliment the photographs. Some examples of comments are:

  1. Freshly painted and no marks on walls
  2. Newly laid carpet
  3. Windows and tracks professionally cleaned.
  4. Oven professionally cleaned
  5. Light scuff marks on wall

This comprehensive and detailed report is proof of the condition of the property when the tenant moves in and will be used to compare with the condition of the property once the tenant has vacated.

This report takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Following the completion of the report a copy of the report is forwarded to you the property owner. Your property representative will also report on any preventative maintenance and repairs that need to be attended to now and throughout the tenancy.

Why is the report so important?

  1. If the property is not in the same condition of cleanliness or state of repair, as when the tenant moved in, (taking into account fair wear and tear) this report may need to be used to substantiate a claim on the bond.
  2. In the unlikely event that the tenant disputes your claim and a tribunal hearing is required to settle the dispute both the Ingoing and Outgoing inspection reports will be required as evidence of a claim.
  3. Often an Order of the Tribunal will also involve an insurance claim in which case both the Ingoing and Outgoing Inspection Reports will be required to substantiate the insurance claim.
  4. At the time of handing over the property the tenant is issued with two copies of the report. The Tenant can dispute or make changes to the report but is required to return the report to our office within 14 days. If they fail to return the report it will be deemed they are in agreeance with the report and the original document will become legally binding.

It is vital that this report is prepared professionally by an experienced property representative who understand the complexities of claiming bonds, tribunal hearings and insurance claims.