Before the tenant is given keys to the property they must have paid their bond and the first 2 weeks rent.

Your tenant’s future payments are made directly to our trust account.

M.E. property deposit your rental income to your nominated bank account once a month or we can arrange a mid-month payment if required. You will receive a detailed monthly statement at the end of the month showing all transactions including rental income, fees, outgoings and any maintenance costs.

Our trust account is reconciled on a daily basis to ensure we are alerted to any late rental or water payments. This enables us to commence our recovery procedures.

How does the Water account get paid and who pays for what? 

Water accounts always remain in the landlord’s name. We highly recommend you authorise M.E. Property to receive the water accounts directly to our office to ensure the account is billed to the tenant in the quarter in which it is due. If the tenant is not billed in the quarter in which it is due they are not required to make the payment.

On receipt of a water account M.E. Property will pay the account in full on behalf of the landlord from the proceeds of the rent, then bill the tenant for their portion, in accordance with their tenancy agreement.

The landlord is responsible to pay the sewage component of the account if applicable and most agreements include that the tenant is responsible for paying the water use and supply. This part of the agreement can be varied depending on the property and circumstances.

The tenant is given 14 days in which to pay the account and if they fail to do so we will commence recovery procedures.

What other accounts can we pay on your behalf?

We are happy to pay all your accounts relating to your property including but not limited to:

  • Council Rates
  • Revenue SA
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Maintenance accounts
  • Strata fees

You can organise to have any accounts sent directly to us for payment. This gives us the ability to communicate with providers on your behalf.