Your property representative will contact you to let you know you have been approved. They will then organise a convenient time to meet with you to sign all the documentation which will include the lease agreement and bond lodgement forms.

At this appointment you will be required to make payment of the bond to secure the property or provide your bond guarantee. You are welcome to pay your 2 weeks rent in advance at this time however this is not required until the day you take possession of the property.

Your property representative will provide you with:

  • A welcome pack which is a comprehensive booklet and a guide to renting.
  • A fully executed copy of your lease agreement including a Section 48 Notice
  • Consumer and Business Affairs Information brochure
  • Appliance manuals for the property

Your property representative will then organise a time for you to collect your keys.

What happens on possession day?

Possession day is the day your lease begins. We cannot provide keys to the property until this day. On possession day you will be required to have paid your 2 weeks rent in advance in full or we will be unable to provide you with your keys.

You will be issued with 2 full sets of keys and any remotes required. The number of keys will be documented and you will be provided with a signed copy for your reference.

In addition you will be provided with 2 copies of the ingoing property condition report. This comprehensive report consists of approximately 350 – 500 photographs depending on the size of the property.

This report is proof of the condition of the property when you moved in and will be used to compare with the condition of the property once you have vacated the home.

You can dispute or make changes to the report. The report along with any changes is required to be returned to our office within 14 days. Failure to return the report means it will be deemed you are in agreeance with the report and the original document will become legally binding.

We highly recommend you complete the report as soon as possible after taking possession of the home and whilst the home is empty.