Towards the end of your tenancy you will provided with a tenant vacating pack which provides you with a cleaning check list and other matters you will need to attend to e.g. changing utilities.

We suggest you refer to your ingoing inspection report supplied to you at the beginning of the tenancy. This detailed report is evidence of the condition of the property when you moved in. It is a good guide to how the property should be returned to the agent.

Your property representative will conduct an outgoing inspection report to record the condition of the property once you have vacated. It is suggested you meet with your property representative at this time to discuss any matters that may need attending to.

Be aware that there is no obligation on the property representative to give you the opportunity to return to the property to complete any cleaning or gardening after the outgoing inspection has been completed and your tenancy has terminated. The agency has the right, if required, to organise contractors to go in and complete the works if necessary. E.g. if the windows were professionally cleaned before you moved in and they are dirty when you vacate, the agency will organise the window cleaning and request payment from the tenant or claim it from the bond.

Your property representative will also provide you with your final account detailing rent owing up to your vacate date and any other outstanding accounts.

The agency has the right to claim any unpaid rent, water or other costs against the bond along with any repairs or cleaning.

Remember the condition in which you leave a property can have an impact on your future rental opportunities.