Time taken to present your home at its best can have a considerable impact on the end result. Great presentation gives you the opportunity to maximise the return on your sale.

Putting on a buyer’s hat and doing a tour of your home as if it is the first time you have seen it is a great way to make a list of what needs to be attended to.

Use this list as a guide to what to look for:

  1. Curb side appeal – starting from the front of your home check your curb side appeal paying special attention to trees and shrubs, garden beds and lawns. Fence repairs, clean driveways and the overall look of the front of the home will go a long way to creating a great first impression and a buyer wanting to look further.
  2. Front entrance – this area needs to be inviting, repair or paint flyscreens and doors and generally spruce up this area of the home. For example if this is an area where shoes are removed and stored put them away.
  3. Declutter and create a feeling of spaciousness – Remove unnecessary items, furniture and personal items in every room. Cluttered rooms and oversized items make your space look smaller than it really is. We want buyers to have a feeling of spaciousness.
  4. Well-lit rooms – Replace dull and non-working light globes in every room by using a higher wattage. Invest in some light fittings where there are none present. Even a laundry with just a globe is not as appealing as a simple light fitting and can give the feeling of not being finished off.
  5. Kitchens – This is often the hub of the home ensure all bench tops are clear of clutter, ovens and range hoods are clean. Some nice tea towels for decoration and the smell of fresh coffee is always pleasant.
  6. Bathrooms and wet areas – Reseal any deteriorating seals in the wet areas. Remove any grime from tile grout and ensure your shower screens are sparkling. Some nice candles for decoration and towels for a splash of colour creates a feeling of relaxation.
  7. Closets and robes organised – Let’s face it if you are on the move there is no better way to get started than when you have decided to put your property on the market. There is also the added bonus of not having unwanted or unnecessary items follow you to your next home. Buyers particularly on a second viewing will want to look in cupboards and wardrobes. Storage is a big selling point in any home if they are full to brim buyers will question whether there is enough storage.
  8. Odd jobs – What we tend to put up with on a day to day basis can create a feeling of looking tired or unfinished. Buyers will notice these items and it could detract from the value of your home. Replace the fly screen if it has holes in it. Tighten that slightly loose tap. Fix the door handle and that small hole in the wall.
  9. Repainting walls – We all have different tastes in colours, it is recommended that walls are of a neutral colour. Not only will this freshen up every room but creates a greater feeling of spaciousness.
  10. Rooms with a purpose – Ensure every room has a purpose, if the 4th bedroom is the size of a study create it as a study.
  11. Clean, clean, clean – A fresh clean home will have far greater appeal to buyers it is wise to pay particular attention to ovens, windows, bathrooms and wet areas.
  12. Stylists – It is wise to get some advice on the presentation of your home. A professional stylist will be able to provide helpful hints on the best possible presentation. If your home is empty it is worth considering investing in a stylist to furnish your home. Remember you are selling a lifestyle not just a home, you only get one opportunity make a first impression and the investment in styling could add greater appeal to your home and can result in a higher sale price.

Marketing your home for maximum exposure

  1. Professional photography and video – a vast majority of buyers will begin their search for a new home using the internet. This means photography is a critical factor on whether your home makes their shopping list. At M.E. Property we use only the best photographers to ensure the best possible results.
  2. Floorplans – A floor plan helps the buyer determine the aspect and dimensions of the home, this is particularly important for interstate and overseas purchasers.
  3. Internet exposure – There is a saying about online advertising and that is “if you are not on page one you don’t exist.” At M.E. Property we have negotiated premium packages with both of the main online portals and Domain to ensure you have maximum exposure.
  4. Brochures – A good quality brochure is important for the buyer when reflecting on the homes they have viewed. A brochure that stands out from the crowd and includes a floor plan and stands out from its competition.
  5. Open homes and property inspections – Opening your home to the public for viewing gives you the opportunity to show case your home. It creates buyer activity and competition. It is a buyer’s first sneak peek at the home helping them to make a decision to put your home on their short list. A private viewing can be arranged for those interested parties should they wish to take a closer and more comprehensive look at your home.

Colour signboards – A colour signboard is a 24 hour for sale sign. Often attracting people in the immediate vicinity to your home that weren’t necessarily looking to purchase or who may know someone wanting to move into the area.